Print Management Software

PMeasy – The Manufacturer-independent Print Management Solution


In the development of individual printer volume, many factors and challenges should always be newly revalued and analysed.

At this point, our manufacturer-independent, web-based print management solution PMeasy is employed. PMeasy will make your print and copy processes in the company more effective and efficient.

Benefit from manufacturer-independence and functionality selection of our applications that adapts to your client’s respective challenge.

In the era of digitalisation, transparency is still paramount, and we are confronted with much change within a short amount of time. Here, the correct applications support us with and let us push forward quicker in day-to-day business.

What’s special about PMeasy is that each user always has the possibility to print out the print job in the system from the user’s location.

The printing landscape adapts to the user’s location and conditions.

Data security is our largest challenge. With the embedded and authentication functions, printing jobs cannot land into the wrong hands. We are talking about a security print job!

What’s more, create printing rules and automatically forward printing jobs to the cost optimized device.

Did we wake your interest? Then let’s talk about your challenge and our PMeasy solution!

You can come to expect the following features:

Analyse User Behaviour and Copy Costs- Localisation

  • Creation, control and administration of all print processes

Printing Rules and Contingency Management

  • Intuitive user leadership by the cost optimised process handling with notification windows
  • Printing policies and forwarding of printing jobs, and print rule for printer and user

Cost Centre Analysis and Break Even Calculation

  • Allocation of the print, copy, scan and fax jobs to particular clients, projects, divisions, etc.
  • Fleet optimisation by changes or savings in the printer landscape

Authentication and Embedded

  • Personalised areas above the operating display of the manufacture
  • Accept and reconfirm printing jobs
  • Different authentication possibilities for the printing approval of confidential documents:
    • ID Cards
    • Smartphone Application
    • Network Login
    • Google Account
    • PIN

Follow-me and Pull Print

  • Mobile print job delegation to the device at closest proximity
  • Coordination of print jobs via mobile app, e-mail, or web upload
  • Integration into Apple AirPrint & Google Cloud Print

Mobile Print

  • Mobile print job delegation to the device at closest proximity
  • Coordination of print jobs via mobile app, e-mail, or web upload
  • Integration in Apple AirPrint & Google Cloud Print

Central Administration

  • Synchronisation via Active Directory/LDAP for a simple and fast administration
  • Automatic import of printer & drivers of existing print server
  • Global printer drivers of the manufacturer
  • Integration of the print jobs in existing e-procurement solutions such as FMAUDIT


  • Option to buy and licence module
  • Unlimited licence module