Fleet Management Software

FMAUDIT – the Manufacturer-independent Fleet Management Software

MPS | The Print Administrative Solution from THS

MPS is a complete package of solutions considering all processes of print management.

As an authorized distribution partner of the manufacture-independent software provider we offer you individual concepts, server solutions, support and training & data security concepts.

The Advantages

It doesn’t matter if you choose for the entire concept of the MHS print administration solution or only for individual modules, you way will be accompanied by many future-oriented positive aspects.

Here, we’ll show you a summary of the advantages:

FMAUDIT delivers you device data leading to an effective device administration. I.e., prevention of premature consumable and consumable change

Continual monitoring of the printer fleet with information on a daily basis

Manual or automatic ordering of toner

Contra direct sales of the manufacturer

Optimum fleet inventory through location-based reporting about disruptions, volume, etc.

Additional service orders

Increased margin

Increased productivity

Numerous interface options per data exchange (XLS, CSV, XML etc.)

Manufacture-independent solution

Simple integration, administration, and analysis of new and existing devices

Transparent overview of costs

Creation of IT and administrative resources

Securing of market position by stronger client loyalty

Real time values of consumable materials

Full integration to the leading ERP system of our branch

Option individual server solution

Option server hosting in computing centre in Frankfurt

Module cost centre observation

Follow print and mobile print applications

Administration of printer contingency and setting up of print authorisation

Authentification and embedded variants

Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print

IOS and Android APP

The Facts

Best prospects! More clients are asking for solutions for optimised printer services and, therefore, lower administrative costs. With managed print services (MPS), MHS now offers a comprehensive package of solutions for remote meter reading and administered printer services. Step-by-step in the solution business: with MPS, along side manufacturer-independent software, you can rely on a qualified and straightforward technical support at any time

Come on board!

What does this mean for the specialist trade?

The solutions business is growing rapidly.

Service and transparency is paramount.

Stronger client loyalty is in demand.

Consumable materials volume is decreasing.

As a partner of speciality trade, we understand what you want:

A manufacture-independent solution

Modules with which you can stand up to the direct sales of manufacturers and are able to secure your market position

A solution with low initial investment and low monthly expenses

A partner with support and understanding for the market

Trust our KNOW-HOW, and we offer you:

Individual consultations

Test phases



and much much more

The Functions

The heart of the FM audit system is a server. This data storage contains all the client’s account usage data. You can use this powerful database to offer improved services, to increase company efficiency and to develop your company.

TCO Report

The basis for interesting sales offerings is the understanding of the total costs (TCO) of the printer and of the MFP park of your client. FMAudit eases the TCO assessment with integrated reports, which helps you to understand the your client’s usage habits. FMAudit offers not only data for the initial sale, but also reports, which can be used during the quarterly meeting with the client.

Bi-directional Synchronisation

Perhaps, the most important function of a MPS software is how well it can be integrated in the existing back office, ERP, service software. In comparison to other systems, which just install a counter in their system, we offer two-way communication where the FMAudit data can be extracted from your ERP. This simplifies the process of configuration comparison and administration.

ASM/ Adaptive Service Management

One of the problems of the most administered printer service systems is the missing control about service and delivery notices. Printer notifications had to be filtered and interpreted hours long. Some of these notifications are relevant, whereas others aren’t. ASM technology, developed by us, guarantees that only the important notifications are delivered to you and on-time.

Analysis Tools

FMAudit offers you more possibilities with the collection of meter readings: a web application, which you can e-mail to your clients (Web-Audit), software on the server of your client (onsite), a usb stick, which you can use for the beginning assessments (viewer USB), and a local agent for the collecting of meter readings of printers outside of the network (local agent).

The Modules

Fleet management

Remote meter reading

Total cost analysis

Service control

Supply management